If ya can't say "fuck", ya can't say "fuck the government!" - Lenny Bruce
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Books & Booklets to Read on a Desert Island

The Tao Te Ching – by Lao Tze
Five Books of the Lives, Heroic Deeds and Sayings of Gargantua and His Son Pantagruel – by Fran็ois Rabelais, 16th century
Don Quixote – by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Gulliver's Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World – by Jonathan Swift
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell – by William Blake
What Is Property? – by P. J. Proudhon
The Ego and Its Own – by Max Stirner
Letters From Satan, Letters From The Earth – by Mark Twain
Thus Spake Zarathustra – by Friedrich Nietzsche
Anarchy and Ecstacy: Visions of Halcyon Days – by John Moore
Toward the Creative Nothing – by Renzo Novatore
The Conquest of Bread – by P. Kropotkin
Lovebite: mythography and the semiotics of culture – by John Moore, 1990
Against His-story, Against Leviathon – by Fredy Perlman
Society of the Spectacle, I & 2 – by Guy Debord
The Wandering of Humanity – by Jacques Camatte
The Theory of Bloom – From Tiqqun
The Revolution of Everyday Life – by Raul Vaneigem
OUT! – by Ronald Sukenick
Theses on the Imaginary Party – from Tiquun
Preface to Blanqui: "Now, to Arms!" – from The Imaginary Party
Homage to Catalonia – by George Orwell
The Right To Be Greedy: Theses On The Practical Necessity Of Demanding Everything – From For Ourselves
    1) Is it "Love is Business" or a matter of "Total Appropriation"? – by D. S. & fenders๋n
l'ancien regime: The State: Its Historic Role – by Petr Kropotkin
The Iron Heel – by Jack London, 1908
Aspects of Anarchism – by The Anarchist Federation
One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society – by Herbert Marcuse
On the Poverty of Student Life – 1966 -by the Situationist International
Ballad Against Work – by Kamunist Kranti
   1) The Right to be Lazy – by Paul Lafargue, 1880
   2) Let's Destroy Work, Let's Destroy the Economy – by Alfredo M. Bonanno
   3) Manifesto Against Labour – by Grupp๋ Krisis
   4) The Abolition of Work – by Bob Black
   5) Work And The Free Society – by The Anarchist Federation
Change the world without taking power – by John Holloway
    1) Change The World Without Taking Power: Commentary – by fenders๋n
The Book Of Pleasures – by Raul Vaneigem
Whatever Happened to Mother? – by James Kimmel
Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology – by David Graeber
Reality: The Search For Objectivity Or The Quest For A Compelling Argument – by Humberto R. Maturana


Other Texts and Excerpts

  • The Mental Attitude of the Educated Classes – by Franz Boas
    Process and Reality & Theses Of History – By Alfred North Whitehead & Walter Benjamin
    Civilization and its Discontents – by Sigmund Freud
    The Mass Psychology of Misery – by John Zerzan
    Spectacle of the Symbolic – by Kevin Tucker
    Number: Its Origin and Evolution – by John Zerzan
    Time is Money – Excerpt from: Time, Labor and Social Domination – by Moishe Postone
    Critical Pessimism and the Limits of Traditional Marxism – by Moishe Postone and Barbara Brick
    Of Other Spaces, Heterotopias – by Michel Foucault
    Meaning and Culture are Indistinguishable: Three Essays by Roland Barthes, George Kubler, & Susan Sontag
    Radical Thought – by Jean Baudrillard
    Science & Reason as Tool or Weapon or "The Fine Art of Baloney Detection" – by Carl Sagan

  • The Social Lie: An interview – with Kenneth Rexroth
    Aspects of the Domination of the Commodity – by L'Insecurite Sociale
    Bataille & Visions of Excess – by Cornelius
    Abundance – from The Encyclopedia of Nuisances vol 11, 1986
    The Authority Of The Gift: Rioting & Looting As a Modern-Day Form of Potlatch – by Neal Keating
    The Seeds of Social Destruction – by Charles Radcliffe
    Howl – by Allen Ginsberg
    The Making of the Counterculture – by Kenneth Rexroth, 1970
    To Drop Out: A Conversation – by Timothy Leary, Gary Snyder, Alan Watts and Allen Ginsberg

  • Childrearing, Culture And Mental Health – The Natural Child Project – by Peter S. Cook
    On Sexual Poverty – from willful disobedience vol 4, 2004.
    Rejecting Disease and Constructing Experience – by Katherine J. Zamecki
    The Gift Economy – by Genevieve Vaughan

  • The Ecology Of Imagination In Childhood – by Paul Shepard
    Quotations from Murray Bookchin & Paul Shepard – by Murray Bookchin & Paul Shepard
    Water Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink – by Vandana Shiva
    The Oil We Eat: Following The Food Chain Back To Iraq – by Richard Manning
    The Dialectical Social Geography of ษlis้e Reclus – by John P. Clark

  • Whither now?  Some Thoughts on Creating Anarchy – by Feral Faun
    We Go on, Freedom – by Albert (Libertad) Joseph, 1898
    Towards Anarchism – by Errico Malatesta
    Post-Left Anarchy: Leaving the Left Behind – by Jason McQuinn
    L'appel, The Call – from The Invisible Committee? perhaps.
       1) Critique of L'appel – by D.S.
    After the Revolution: Garbage! – from the Digger Papers



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