Considering the Rough & the Smooth

Following the axiom that the most polished object is that which presents the greatest number of sharp corners, ... they remain equally spherical as compared to rudimentary creations, ... with the most perfect, and embryonic beings, ... with the most complete, ... in that the former lack all irregularities, protuberances and qualities, ... which leaves them (both) in more or less spherical form
– Alfred Jarry


Translated by Zed ('dada didit') Morse.
Transcribed for the Internet by Bagatella Gambadé.


Part the First:

1. Introduction: Sin & the Machine Model
2. Science As Aesthetic Instinct And General Linguistic
3. Rethinking Primitivism: Some Misconceptions
4. Gifting Is Not A Magic Weapon: Rethinking "Primitive" Agriculture
5. Rethinking The Origin of The State And Civilization
6. Considering Exchange, Gifting & Potlatch
7. Appendix: A Potlatch faq


Part the Second:

1. The Essential Pro-rev Cookbook: A Parody?
2. On Militancy Under the Pre-Capitalist Umbrella?
3. Manifesto of Groupuscularism (Excerpts)
4. Retogression: Localism & 'Peasant' Revolt
5. City Boys & Their Wars
6. Epistemological Insurrection: Wrecking and Recreational!

Part the Third:

1. Postmodern Anarchy or Premodern Relativistic Epistemology?
2. Living Systems, Virulent Disintegration, Necrophilia
3. Infinity & linear (cause-effect) reason
4. Playing with Definitions: R. Buckminster Fuller, Aesthetics & Synergy

Part the Fourth:

1. An Epic Poem on the Theory of Provisional Aesthetics
2. Prelude to a Psychology of Applied Transgression
3. Divination & Alienation: The Continuing Appeal of Necessity

Part the Fifth:

1. Play with your food!
2. There's no Accounting for Visual Art
3. Principles of Entanglement: Mobility and Spheres of Influence
4. Sea People and Ship-shape "Cities"
5. The Trickster: Not a categorical reification, but a processual personification.
6. Extradiction: The Spaces

Conclusion: Speaking on behalf of madness...

1. Syndrome: emergent patterns of similarity
2. Alexithymia?
3. The Bullshit Detector
4. A Body Without Organs
5. There Is No Psychosis Without Poetry
7. The Pleasure- and Reality-Principles
8. Appendix: glossary of some un-useful disorders aggrevated by the usual remedies