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  • "Defend yourself against property!" – local grafiti
  • "If ya can't say 'fuck', ya can't say 'fuck the government!'" – Lenny Bruce
  • "What fetters the mind and benumbs the spirit is ever the dogged acceptance of absolutes." – Edward Sapir
  • "For swords are madmen's tongues, and tongues are madmen's swords" – Jonathan Swift
  • "To make light of philosophy is to be a true philosopher" – Pascal
  • "The object of science is to rediscover the natural articulations of a universe we have carved artificially." – Henri Bergson
  • "We are abandoning all efforts at pedagogical action and moving toward experimental activity."– Asger Jorn
  • "The American Revolution was waged to preserve the right to own slaves, unimpeded
    – Its Civil War was fought that we could all become slaves, undistinguished." – Historical Documents
  • "Economic injustice will stop the moment we want it to stop, and no sooner,
    and if we genuinely want it to stop the method adopted hardly matters." – George Orwell
  • "From the Indin's point of view, 'white man' is not a race, it's a psycho-social disorder." – Sequoia Chesterfield
  • "What is Ethnography if not an epitaph or eulogy?" – 'Anarchy Al' Radcliffe-Brown
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    This site contains a collection of readings we've found useful, resonant or interesting and some commentary they've inspired.

    Disalienation: Reconciling Art, Science & Philosophy, Intent & Imagination, Desire & Compassion

    Forms Conceived as Language

    Rationalisation kills awareness, which is the very method of reasoning. Rationalism, as a goal or quality, kills the rational method. Thus rationalism is set up as an ideal absolute, with the obligation to go through the concepts of scientific idealism, by eliminating the creation of ideas (artistic and fantastic action).

    ...To state and attempt to resolve the problem for its part, a materialist art must put art back on a foundation of the senses. We say 'put back' with reason, for we believe that the origins of art are instinctive and thus materialist. It is the metaphysical aspects of classicism which have managed to spiritualise and intellectualise art. And it's miserable today to see the materialists in all good faith marching along on their heads -- with a realism and a naturalism which are opposed to reality and to nature, which are based on 'illusion'. True realism, materialist realism, lies in the search for the expression of forms faithful to their content.

    But there's no content detached from human interest. True realism, materialist realism, renouncing the idealist equation of subjectivity with individualism as described by Marx, seeks the forms of reality that are 'common to the senses of all men'.

    Thus, the red flag is an expression of revolution which immediately strikes the senses, the senses of 'all men', a synthesis of reality and the vested needs of revolution, a common link and not an allegory, outside the range of the senses or a symbol for 'flag manufacturers'. We can identify ourselves only accidentally with a poor woman buying fish. – Asger Jorn

    In moving from experience of social life to conceptualization and intellectual history, I follow the path of anthropologists almost everywhere. Although we take theories into the field with us, these become relevant only if and when they illuminate social reality. Moreover, we tend to find very frequently that it is not a theorist’s whole system which so illuminates, but his scattered ideas, his flashes of insight taken out of systemic context and applied to scattered data. Such ideas have a virtue of their own and may generate new hypotheses. They even show how scattered facts may be systematically connected! Randomly distributed through some monstrous logical system, they resemble nourishing raisins in a cellular mass of inedible dough. The intuitions, not the tissue of logic connecting them, are what tend to survive in the field experience. – Victor Turner

    The theory is merely a poetic interpretation or "soul" of the juxtaposition of dada (excuse me), data and its embracing hypotheses congealing & solidifying the memories of an adventure once taken: 

    T = P(erturbation)(I(nterest)R(eality) @ M(ovement)+Q(uestion) / G(ravity)-V(elocity)) H(eroic)S(werve).
    But of course, in itself the mathematics is a meaningless extraction – a mere figment of amnesia – particularly when there is ubiquitous agreement on a specific designatum of our symbols! – Ptolemy Jones

    If we get too semantically incisive, the reader may lose all connection with anything he has ever thought before. That might not be a great loss. But we assume that the reader can cope with his reflexes and make connections between the old words and new concepts with the new and more apt words. For example, since physics has found no continuums, we have had to clear up what we mean by a sphere. It is not a surface; it is an aggregate of events in close proximity. It isn't just full of holes: it doesn't have any continuum in which to have holes. – R. Buckminster Fuller

    Theories of Everything & Their Construction

  • Some Older (out there, but familiar) Theories on Us, Nature & Just About Everything
  • Nourishing Raisins in a Cellular Mass of Inedible Dough – from Samuel Butler
  • Memory as a Universal Function of Organised Matter – by Ewald Hering, 1870
  • The Doctrine of Necessity Examined – by Charles S. Peirce, 1892
  • The "Dreamy State": John Hughlings-Jackson’s Ideas of Epilepsy and Consciousness – by R. Edward Hogan and Kitti Kaiboriboon
  • What Is Life? – by Erwin Schr๖dinger, 1944
  • ‘Postmodern biology’: the Cell Doctrine? – by Neil D Theise, 2006
  • Common Sense, Sympathy & Illusions of Consciousness: Time & Free Will – by Henri Bergson, 1910

  • The Nature and Necessity of Scientific Revolutions – by Thomas Kuhn
  • Toward an Anarchistic Philosophy: Is Reason Just Another Myth? – by Paul Feyerabend
  • The Steep and Thorny Way to a Science of Behavior – by B. F. Skinner
  • Scientific Change as Political Action – by Mark Risjord
  • Review of The Dawn of Human Culture – by Milford H. Wolpoff
  • Reality: The Search For Objectivity Or The Quest For A Compelling Argument – by Humberto R. Maturana
  • The Wellspring of Reality – by R. Buckminster Fuller

  • What is Nature? – Post-Structural Structures? – from ifinsiturcon
  • Reality Mind And Language: Field Wave And Particle – by Dan Keith Hawkmoon Alford
  • Ewald Hering Reincarnate: Attention at the synaptic level: Gates, States, Rhythms, and Resonances – by Andy Abarbanel
  • The Myth of Psychoanalysis: Wittgenstein Contra Freud – by Steve Hoenisch
  • Investigatory Intuition: Shamanic Consciousness as Technology and Epistemology – by Stanley Krippner
  • A few notes on the ontology of Amazonian spirits – by E.Viveiros de Castro

  • Creative Evolution – by Henri Bergson
  • Let's not throw out Aristotle with the bathwater: The Re-Emergence of "Emergence" – by Peter A. Corning
  • Gaia Is a Tough Bitch – by Lynn Margulis
  • Chaos and Contingency: The Evolution Of Life On Earth – by Stephen Jay Gould

  • Autopoiesis, Culture, and Society – by Humberto Mariotti
  • Reflections on Autopoiesis, Culture, and Society – from ifinsiturcon
  • Eco-Epistemology: Aspects of the Syntax of Theory – from ifinsiturcon
  • Nonlinearity and Teleology – by Victoria N. Alexander
  • Open Creation and its Enemies – by Asger Jorn

    Focal Points & Changing Zooms

  • Human Societies and Ecosystems – by Richard B. Lee
  • The Original Affluent Society – by Marshall Sahlins
  • Horde, Band & Tribe: Northern Approaches – by June Helm
  • On the Non-migration of Hunting People – by Grover S. Kranz
  • The Question of Palaeolithic Scripts – by Paul Bouissac
  • What is Language & Why I Do Not Believe In Phonemes – by George Grace
  • The Minoan Web of Mirrors & Scripts – by W. Sheppard Baird
  • Navigating Poetic Landscapes:Early British Trackways, Moats, Mounds, Camps and Sites – by Alfred Watkins
  • The White Goddess – by Robert Graves (pdf)

  • Where License Reigns With All Impunity – by Stephen Arthur
  • Personhood, Environment & Relational Epistemology – by Nurit Bird-David (pdf)
  • Contexts: The Affordances of Situations – by George Grace
  • Themis: A Study of the Social Origins of Greek Religion – by Jane Ellen Harrison, 1912 (off site)
  • Aftershocks of Iron, Exchange & Patrilocal Residence: The Kalevala: Epic Poem of Finland – tr. John M. Crawford, 1888
  • The Venus of Willendorf – by Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe
  • The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory: Why an Invented Past Won't Give Women a Future Reviewed – by Max Dashu
  • Emergence of Civilization and Fall into Patriarchal Dominion – by Christine Fielder & Chris King

  • The Anthropology of Violence: Creative Violence & Society Against Exchange – by Glenn Bowman
  • Fragments of a Critique of Violence – by Walter Benjamin (1927), Claire Fontaine (2005)
  • From Genocide to Ecocide: The Rape of Rapa Nui – by Benny Peiser
  • Wars Make States and States Make Wars – by Ronald Cohen
  • Carniero's Circumscription Theory on the Origin of the State – by Kathryn W. Kemp
  • Rethinking The Origin of the State and Civilisation – from ifinsiturcon
  • The "Big Bang" of Modernity: the "Military Revolution" – by Robert Kurz
  • Onward & Upward with Collapse – by George L. Cowgill

  • Evolutionary Love – by Charles S. Peirce, 1893
  • Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, 1902 – by Petr Kropotkin
  • Theses on an Anarchist Morality – by Petr Kropotkin
  • Gifting is not a Magic Weapon: Rethinking "Primitive" Agriculture – from ifinsiturcon
  • The Science of Sustainable Agriculture Is Agroecology – Interview with Miguel Angel Nu๑ez
  • Against Mass Society – by Chris Wilson
  • The Failure of Revolution – by Kevin Tucker

    To See the Fnords: Finding Chance Between the Lines

  • Critique Of The Economic Policy – by Asger Jorn
  • At The Center of The Volcano – by Dominique Misein
  • The Avant-Garde: The Problem of a Head – from Tiqqun
  • The Tipping Point, Critical Mass & The Avant Garde – from ifinsiturcon
  • Rational Choice before the Apocalypse, or Prediction, Choice & Time Travel – by Jean-Pierre Dupuy

  • Ready-Made Artist and Human Strike: A few Clarifications – by Claire Fontaine
  • The Sadness of Post-Workerism: Art & Immaterial Labour – by David Graeber
  • Modernism and Education – by Layla AbdelRahim
  • Why Zappology? Performance VERSUS Art – by Out To Lunch
  • A Dialogue on World Civil War – from The Institute for Experimental Freedom & The Institute for the Promotion of Learning-Disorders
  • Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs – by Curious George Brigade (pdf)

    Infective Words & Their Metastasis

  • The Evolution of Verbal Behavior – by B. F. Skinner
  • There is No Language Instinct – by Geoffrey Sampson
  • The Linguistic Construction of Reality – by George W. Grace (pdf)
  • Molecular Chaos, or Autopoiesis, Structural Coupling And Cognition – by Humberto R. Maturana
  • Of Parts and Wholes: Self-similarity and Synecdoche in Science, Culture and Literature – by Dirk Vanderbeke
  • Theories of Metaphor – by C. John Holcombe
  • Vico's sensus communis – by Erik Growen
  • What Is a Sign? – by Charles S. Peirce
  • Redundancy & Communication – by D. S. & F. D.
  • Vagueness – by Bertrand Russell
  • Parrhesiastes, or Free Speech – by Michel Foucault
  • Attributional Analysis: The Game of Logic – by Lewis Carroll
  • How to Make Our Ideas Clear: a modern treatise on logic of the common sort – by Charles S. Peirce, 1878

  • The Electronic Revolution – by William S. Burroughs
  • Deconstruction and Diff้rance – by Lucie Guillemette and Josiane Cossette
  • "The Dialectic is between Power and Life":  Captive Words: Preface to a Situationist Dictionary – by Mustapha Khayati
  • Manifesto for 'The Revolution of the Word' – from transition, 1929
  • The Devil's Dictionary – by Ambrose Bierce
  • The Outrage Against Words – by Bernard No๋l
  • Literary Translation Course – by Alessandro Zignani
  • Perspectival anthropology and the method of controlled equivocation – by Eduardo Viveriros de Castro [– thank you Kimberly!]
  • Summary Note on the difficulties of translating Panegyric – by Guy Debord
  • An older Panegyric: A Tale of a Tub – by Jonathan Swift

  • Structure, Sign, and Play – by Jacques Derrida
  • I am Being Everybody They Cried: Peter Barnes (1931-2004) – by Martin Heavisides
  • The Theatre & Its Double – by Antonin Artaud
  • On Behalf of the Barbarians – Bleu Marin
  • The Non-Ritualized Viral Infection of Oral Tradition – from ifinsiturcon


  • The Aesthetics of Madness? A Midsummer Night's Dream – by W. Shakespeare
  • Faust – by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Phantasmagoria and Other Poems – by Lewis Carroll
  • Alice In Wonderland & Through The Looking-Glass – by Lewis Carroll
  • Exploits & Opinions of Dr. Faustroll: A Neo-Scientific Novel – by Alfred Jary, 1898 (pdf)
  • The More than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide – by Douglas Adams
  • The Little Prince on Asteroid B-612 – by Antoine de Saint Exup้ry
  • How To Become Real: The Velveteen Rabbit – By Margery Williams
  • Green Eggs and Ham – By Dr. Seuss
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes – By Hans C. Andersen

  • Or the Madness of Aesthetics? Numerology & A Theory of Navigation – by R. Buckminster Fuller
  • Vico's Poetic Philosophy – by Emanuel Paparella
  • Unacknowledged Legislators & `Art pour Art' – by Kenneth Rexroth
  • The Philosophy of Composition – By Edgar A. Poe
  • Emily Dickinson [got it right] and the Theory Canon – By Marjorie Perloff
  • Against the Schoolmasters – by Sextus Empiricus, ca 200 ad.
  • 'Pataphysics: (Concerning Jary, Artaud & Death, without reference to Battaille & his Decapitating Endeavours) – By Jean Baudrillard
  • The Counter Fearful Thing – By Joseph Nechvatal
  • Postmodernism as 'Pataphysics Institutionalized – By Douglas Puchowski
  • Frank Sidgwick, 'Pataphysician:"The Ballad" – by Frank Sidgwick, ca. 1908

    In Search of Context & Establishing Distance
    Intentionality is ever a matter of transgression

  • Luck and Chance: Dagger and Guitar – by Asger Jorn
  • Roger Caillois Among the Nonhumans – by Jeffrey J. Cohen
  • Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia – by Roger Caillois
  • Ancient rock art's colours come from microbes – by Jack Pettigrew, Chloe Callistemon, et al
  • Neutral Evolution and Aesthetics: Vladimir Nabokov and Insect Mimicry – by Victoria N. Alexander
  • The Imp of the Perverse – by Edgar Allen Poe
  • Reich: How To Use – by Jean-Pierre Voyer
  • Aesthetics and Tao: Reflections on Asger Jorn's Luck & Chance – from ifinsiturcon

  • This Is The Beat Generation – by John Clellon Holmes
  • Theses on Cultural Revolution & D้tournement as Negation and Prelude – by Guy Debord
  • Spur Manifesto – by Prem, Zimmer, et al
  • Coherence is Burnished Sick… – by secessionist outernational
  • Pataphysics - A Religion In The Making – by Asger Jorn
  • Navigation & Pataphysical Self-consciousness – from ifinsiturcon

  • Schizophrenia & Civilization – by Stanley Diamond
  • Mere Life and the Infected Body: The Implications of an Ethnography of Hepatitis – by Chris Kortright
  • Rejecting Disease and Constructing Experience – by Katherine J. Zamecki
  • Rites of passage and the borderline syndrome – By Larry G. Peters
  • The Great Refusal: Herbert Marcuse and the quest for radical subjectivity – By Douglas Kellner
  • Self-actualisation: A Theory of Human Motivation – by A. H. Maslow
  • Gestalt: Antecedent Influence Or Historical Accident – by Allen R. Barlow
  • Power, Responsibility and Freedom – by David Smail
  • The Dogon Egg and the Distribution of Intensities – by Gilles Deleuze
  • The State and Progress or Civilization and Social-actualization? – from ifinsiturcon
  • Speaking on behalf of madness... – from ifinsiturcon

    Imbrication, Recapitulation & Synchronicities

  • Icarus, or, the Future of Science – by Bertrand Russell, 1924
  • The Origins of the Third World: Markets, States and Climate – by Mike Davis
  • Against Human Rights – by Slavoj Žižek

  • Debt: The First Five Thousand Years – by David Graeber
  • Searching our Socialist Roots: Telling the truth about class – by Gแspแr Mikl๓s Tamแs
  • Time, Work-discipline & Industrial Capitalism – by E. P. Thompson (heavy)
  • Hard Times – For These Times – by Charles Dickens, 1854
  • The Road to Wigan Pier – by George Orwell
  • Three Timely Essays – by Petr Kropotkin

  • The Mass Psychology Of Fascism – by Wilhelm Reich
        1) Further Notes on Reading Reich – from ifinsiturcon
  • Continuing Appeal of Nationalism – by Fredy Perlman
  • Post-Fascism: How citizenship is becoming an exclusive privilege – by G. M. Tamแs, 2000
  • The Milan Prophesies: From Riot to Insurrection – by Alfredo M. Bonanno, 1985
  • Barbarians: The Disordered Insurgence – by Crisso and Odoteo
  • Politics & Identity: The Limitations of Anti-Sexism – by Sissy Doutsiou

  • Marxism & the Left in the 21st Century: Two Essays – from Principia Dialectica
  • Self-help in Hard Times – by Howard Zinn
  • An Anonymous Contribution To The Revolutionary Movement – Translated by M.L. Jordan
  • The Strategy of The Refusal – by Mario Tronti, 1965
  • The State and Counter-revolution – by Chris Gray, 1972
  • Councilism, Solutionism & The Communist Critiqiue – by Frere Dupont
  • There is a Conspicuous Lack of Opposition – by C. W.
  • Liberate not Exterminate – by Curious George Brigade

  • Karl Marx and the Iroquois: The Ethnological Notebooks – by Franklin Rosemont
  • Anarchism and Organisation – by Errico Malatesta
  • The Anarchist Tension – by Alfredo M. Bonanno
  • The Communist Tendency – by L'Insecurite Sociale
  • The Anarchist Tendency: John Zerzan's Twilight of the Machines D้tourned – from ifinsiturcon
  • Animals, History and Art Instincts – from militantesthetix
  • Rethinking the Politics of Animal Liberation – from ELF
  • Abundance – from The Encyclopedia of Nuisances vol 11, 1986
  • The Surre(Gion)Alist Manifesto – by Max Cafard

  • Dead White Whales: From Leviathanology to Subjectology, and Vice Versa – by Marshal Sahlins
  • The Authority Of The Gift: Rioting & Looting As a Modern-Day Form of Potlatch – by Neal Keating
  • The Sensation of Matsuri – by Yanagawa Keiichi
       1) Festival and Sacred Transgression – by Sonoda Minoru
  • Exchange, Gifting & Potlatch – from ifinsiturcon

  • The Gift Economy – by Genevieve Vaughan
  • On Objects, Love, and Objectifications: Children in a Material World – by Layla AbdelRahim
  • A bifocal ethnography of parental feeding in "the giving environment" – by Nurit Bird-David
  • The Child and its Enemies – by Emma Goldman
  • The Life of Students – by Walter Benjamin
  • Childrearing, Culture And Mental Health – The Natural Child Project – by Peter S. Cook
  • Intimacy 1 – by Frere Dupont
  • The Cybernetics of Intimacy – from ifinsiturcon
  • Ethnographitique: Raw Materials for a Theory of The YoungGirl– from Tiqqun

    Change You Can, Can Not, Can Too, Really Believe In Depend On!

  • Agents Of Change: Primal War And The Collapse Of Global Civilization – by Kevin Tucker
  • Warrior Societies In Contemporary Indigenous Communities – by Taiaiake Alfred and Lana Lowe
  • This IS the Black Bloc: Anarchist N30 Black Bloc Communiqu้ – from ACME Collective
  • Riot, Si Se Puede! – from Phoenix Class War Council
  • This is not the Black Bloc – by Claire Fontaine
  • The Coming Insurrection – from The Invisible Committee
  • A Bedouin Anytime! A Citizen Never – from Occupied London Blog
  • Of Sowing and Harvests – by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

  • Nihilist Communism – Part 1 – by Monsieur Dupont
  • The Impotence of the Revolutionary Group with commentary from LettersJournal – by Sam Moss
  • Formal vs Informal Organisation – from Salon de Ver Luisant
  • Critique of L'appel – by D.S.
  • Egypt Today, Tomorrow the World – from CrimethInc. Ex-workers’ Collective
  • Reflections on Seattle’s Recent Upheavals Against Police Brutality – from Blackorchid Collective
  • To Rediscover our own History is to Unearth Hope – from Amor Fati #4

  • Nature of the Conspiracy – by Luther Blissett
  • The Responsible Use Of Rock N Roll – by Ian Svenonius
  • Music of Revolt: Music and Politics from Adorno to Zappa and Tahir Square – by Ben Watson
  • "Jeder Kann Dada": The Repetition, Trauma And Deferred Completion Of The Avant-Garde – by Dafydd Jones
  • Excerpt from The Posthuman Dada Guide – by Andrei Codrescu
  • Infinite Strike – by Anonymous in France (via I.E.F.)
  • Self-Exile & Poetry – by Secessionist Outernational

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