[name redacted]  official communiqué

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Greetings comrade fellos i fellas,

Following our last conversation, I looked back over the latest project and realized what an idiot [name redacted] is.  He couldn't quite get what [name redacted] & [name redacted] were trying to tell him so I stepped in, trashed all his work and rebuilt it out of the garbage.  (Who am I?  If I told you I'd have to... well, you know).  This makes you a member in good standing of the secret society of [name redacted].  If you're interested, the project so far is contained in the packet you are now holding.  Find and carefully observe the enclosed picture.

Your mission, Jim, should you choose to accept it, is to pass on the document in question to budding anthropology students and art majors, taking especial care it not fall into the hands of their instructors, all members of KAOS.  They, of course, are our actual targets.  Be ware of leaky craft as well as crafty leaks.  As always, the agency will disavow any knowledge of your existence should you be killed or captured.

Remember the club motto:  "We aim to knock the earth off its axis, and all earthlings off their proverbial asses!"

Good Luck Jim,
El profesor ayudante de la aniquilación iconoclasta (AI)*

p.s., Bear in mind that no member of [name redacted] is authorized to know any other on a face to face level, therefore recruitment is expressly forbidden although actual contact is highly encouraged.  The only way to achieve our goal will be if none of us know even who we ourselves are.

* AI (sometimes confused with el Anarquismo de la Insurrección): We also provide "Artificial Insemination" services on a need-to-know basis.

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